Our new collection of nautical tote bags includes “whale bones” – a goth whales skeletons design, where you can see the skeletons of a killer whale (and yes we know killer whales are not actually whales, but we wanted to include them so badly :)), right whale, and a sperm whale. A perfect gift for marine biologist or a marine mammal’s fan.

The three whales tote bag:


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A girl holding a black goth tote bag with whale skeletons design on it.

The second design in the collection is “Sleeping Sperm Whales” which, guessing from the name, shows three peaceful sperm whales, sleeping vertically in a closed micro piratecore universe. If you zoom in you can see a fisherman and his boat above them. The details of the frame include ropes, sea elements and mermaids.

The sleeping sperm whales tote bag:


 A girl holding a black goth whale tote bag - with three sleeping sperm whales on it.

Of course, not whales related but also inspired by the sea life is one of our oldest designs – the golden jellyfish.

 A girl holding a goth tote bag with golden jellyfish design on it.


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