Soft goth fashion vs goth fashion

The top 5 differences between soft goth and goth fashion trends, which are both so popular in recent years, is the level of formality, the usage of colors and graphics, the amount of commonly used accessories, make up intensity and the overall dramatism of the look.

 difference between soft goth fashion and goth fashion

  1. Casual vs formal

Soft goth fashion is more casual. A soft goth outfit can be made of a graphic t-shirt, black jeans, and a tote bag. While usually a goth fashion outfit is more formal - a long black dress, gloves, leather bag and other accessories.

 soft goth fashion outfit vs goth fashion outfit

  1. Colors, graphics

While soft goth fashion is quite open to experiment with some color, a regular goth outfit consists mostly only black or black and white (with exception of red or dark blue corsets which sometimes might be worn). For example, many soft goth t-shirt brands use beige, red, green, or golden ink, while strictly goth brands tend to stick to the classical black and white graphics.


soft goth fashion

 soft goth fashion


  1. Accessories

The most common soft goth accessories are bags, stockings, garters, and jewelry. However, they can’t match the importance of accessories in goth outfits which is on another level. The classic goth could wear corsets, belts, hair accessories, big jewelry, leather gloves and bags, hats, chokers even veils and fans!

  1. Make up intensity!

And here comes another big difference! Make up! Soft goth, as the name hints, also incorporates soft make up. Of course, not soft to your regular make up, but softer than your regular goth make up look - think of 90s grunge style make up or Wednesday Adams. The regular goth make up is bold, edgy, and artistic – it is a way of expression – it was never supposed to look natural or sometimes even like you.


 goth girl with goth make up

  1. The witch fan vs the actual witch

Jokingly, the soft goth fashion looks it was made for people who are fans of the dark, witches, vampires, and horror. While the goth fashion looks it was made for the actual witches and vampires!

soft goth fashion outfit vs a classical edgy goth witch outfit

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