Cotton vs Poly-Cotton Blend (50/50) vs Tri-blend

What's the difference between cotton, polyester-cotton blend and tri-blend ? 

Cotton vs Tri-blend vs Poly-Cotton Blend Comparsion Chart

The 100% cotton t-shirts are best for people with sensitive skin or with allergies to syntethic materials. The t-shirts are a bit heavier, but if the cotton is airlume combed / ring-spun cotton (like the ones we use in our shop) they still feel very very soft to the touch. 

The colors of the 100% cotton t-shirts are very saturated and deep, in comparsion with the melange colors of the blend t-shirt models.

Example of a 100% cotton t-shirt.

Soft Goth Aesthetic Cotton T-shirt


Cotton blends usually are mix between cotton and polyester, they are also known as 50/50 blend. In recent years they became quite popular as they have very fashionable vintage look, they do not wrinkle, feel better to the touch and they are lighter.


Another popular and more high-end blend is the tri-blend: cotton, polyester and viscose. Viscose is a lightweight material with a nice drape, a lustrous finish, and a soft feel.

The color of the blend t-shirts are usually offered in heather or melange colors (mixed fibers) , therefore they have a more retro look with faded colors.

Example of a tri-blend t-shirt in black. 
Triblend Red Witches Gothic T-shirt

In the video below I am showing you the difference in the fit and the colors of cotton vs cotton blend vs triblend t-shirt :

 You can check our cotton and blend t-shirts here:


  100% Cotton 50/50 Poly Cotton Tri-Blend


solid deep colors


crispier prints

soft +

light +

dries fast

does not wrinkle easily

stretchy +

soft ++

light  ++

dries fast


does not wrinkle

stretchy ++

soft ++


a bit heavier 

less stretchy 

can wrinkle

dries slower

mostly melange colors 

synthetic material (polyester)

melange colors 

synthetic material (polyester)

more expensive




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