What is cottageGore a.k.a. Dark cottagecore a.k.a. Cottagecore Goth?

What is
Cottage GORE a.k.a. Dark Cottagecore a.k.a Goth Cottagecore?
Cottagegore is an aesthetic which focus entirely on dark nature elements - deep misty forest, ground covered with moss and mushrooms, forest spirits, witchcraft, animal bones, moths and beetles, pagan forest entities, owls and ravens. A dark fairy tale. The creepy cottage where every witch in every princess movie lives in. It is very similar to witchcore, crowcore, forestpunk or woodland goth aesthetics.
dark cottage with in the forestamanita muscaria dark cottagegore mushroom
witch in the forest cottagegore aesthetics
fallen tree in a forest dark cottagecore aesthetics
My favorite artworks which resemble the Cottagegore aesthetics have been made by one of the most popular Swedish illustrators - John Bauer. His drawing style and fascinating compositions make his work easily distinguishable, as they built a very dark but a equally charming atmosphere.
john bauer forest princess dark cottagecore aesthetic art
Kay Nielsen is a Danish illustrator who was popular in the early 20th century. His works was heavily influenced by John Bauer. And like Bauer, his illustrations were portrayed mainly in fairy tales books. 
kay nielsen dark goth art
Pricness Mononoke ( animated by studio Ghibli / Hayao Miyazaki) is another well-known name and of course, a giant masterpiece.No matter that it is a movie, I think it’s fair to be put in the art section of this blog. Even though, not the whole movie resembles the cottagegore aesthetics, it surely deserves a place on this short list, only with the presentation of the forest god, the kodama spirits, the lake and everything within the woods.
princess mononoke scene dark lake
princess mononoke magical forest lake scene
Artem Demura is a Russian digital illustrator, which has been heavily represented in my pinterest favorites and no surprises why. His art is so powerful and his experimentation with the compositions is genius, all of his works easily grab you and take you to a different (darker) place. And having that one of his works represents princess Tuvstarr, we see how Bauer’s influenced not only Kay Nielsen and the illustrators of the 20th century but he keeps inspiring young contemporary artists. The ultimate testimony how his ideas were truly novel and stay evergreen more than a century later.
princess tuvstar artem demura dark cottagecore
tree artem demura dark forest aesthetics
MOVIES and TV Series
Black Spot / Zone Blanche
The best example for dark cottagecore is the French TV-series Black Spot or Zone Blanche, which streams on Netflix. Not only the visuals are goth cottagecore but the storyline too! Criminal series based in reality, which includes the forest God Cernunnos (The Horned God) is a hell of match for the aesthetics we are talking about! If you are fan of the aesthetics - trust me, YOU NEED to watch this TV-series!
black spot piano scene in the forest zone blanche goth cottagecore
 black spot zone blanche scene with cernunnos
fireflies forest scene in black spot zone blanche
Some scenes from movies and tv-series like the ones listed bellow can also resemble the cottagegore aesthetic, though I couldn’t think of a better match than Black Spot:
Dark /Pan’s Labyrinth/ The Witch / Snow White and the Huntsman /The Ritual /The Village
Do you have a movie or artist in mind, which takes you to a cottagegore world? Leave a comment below with you recommendation, so we can enrich this short blog with more information.
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