What is soft goth?

Nowadays there are so many new styles and aesthetic niches that it’s hard to keep up with all the gothic and subgothic fashion styles. In recent years soft goth became a popular generic fashion term, which can mean any of the grunge, gothic, nu goth, forestcore, witchcore (even occult niches), but all toned down to a more aesthetic and mellow style, which can suit any girl (not only your hardcore metal best friend).
The soft goth style can grab the eye with the use of colors! Yes, goth and colors! Perfect for people who are sick of the plain cold white and black combo. The soft goth can use faded bronze or deep gold, pinky red or classy ecru.
Gold Jellyfish Soft Goth Aesthtic Shirt
Talking about colors - the soft goth aesthetic t-shirt fabrics can come in different colors than plain solid black - like dark gray heather colors, burgundy or even natural beige with a nice matte black print on them.
The soft goth often incorporates nature motives which became very popular in 2021 - dark forest, ravens, witchcraft, owls and mushroom, thus creating the trendy cottagegore or cottagegoth niche.
The style is the more casual, hot-mess-sister of the nu goth. You can have your regular jeans and boots on, but even with one dark aesthetic t-shirt you have yourself a soft goth look. Perfect for girls who are too busy to plan their outfit or do heavy make up, but they want to express their inner witch in a simple, yet effective way. 
Soft goth style girl, wearing jeans and playing with her cat
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