Witchy t-shirts !

Witchy t-shirts! The new umbrella term for almost everything soft goth with a fantasy vibe. 

cosplay forest witch aesthetic, girl who is wearing a black witchy tshirt

The witchy t shirts and witchy tshirts keywords are one of the most popular searched keywords on etsy and other platforms for online shopping as girls look more and more for clothing items which match the trendy forest witch aesthetic in 2022.

red t-shirt print with witches dancing in a circle  in a witches sabbath

I have hard time defining which of my t-shirts are witchy and witch just goth, but I guess I add everything with a magical, fantasy vibe into the witchy basket.

stolas the demon print on a witchy goth t-shirt

I often have designs with a forest witch print on them, which without a doubt can match the witchy t-shirts - like the striga inspired print or the witches’ sabbath red print or the forest witch with the crown.

If you are looking for some forest witch aesthetic apparel yourself, please go ahead and check my small collection with my original witchy artwork.


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