Mushroom Sculptures made from wood are the perfect Goblincore Decor Gift in 2022

The mushroom sculptures are the cutest and most original item we have added recently.

goblincore decor presenting wood mushroom sculptures

They make the absolute perfect decor gift for nature loving people and fungi fans, who will appreciate the texture and the small details of the woodwork.

Such a mushroom sculpture will perfectly fit to the popular aesthetics like goblincore and the various rustic interiors trends , which combine both the love to mushrooms and also natural materials like wood.

wood mushroom sculpture with a yellow cap and dark brown body

The figurines are made from wooden branches and trunks found in the local forest,  therefore every part is absolutely unique and authentic; and that's why they come in different sizes. The patterns and the little details of the wood is preserved, making every side of the figurine different and interesting. Little cracks and shades of the wood pops up and makes a lovely contrast which really comes alive when you have the sculpture in your hands. The glossiness of the mushroom cap adds a magical element as it reflects the light in an elegant way. A really wonderful decor addition to every room, bringing joy to you and your guests. 

wood mushroom sculpture as a perfect goblincore decor gift

Please check our wood mushroom sculpture goblincore collection here:

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